The top domestic animals in the United States

Published on 05 Oct 2021 / In Pets & Animals

You never know what type of pets are hiding in homes... Here's the top domestic pets people own in the US: <br />#1 - Dog: Dogs are considered to be the best domestic pet to own. They are known as very loyal and one of the most intelligent pet. <br />#2 - Cat: Felines are known for being very solitary and very moody, but there also can be filled with affection. <br />#3 - Domestic pig: Asian pot-bellied pigs, a smaller versions of pigs are more and more popular in homes. <br />#4 - Cattle: Cows are actually very sweet animals, that give a lot of love to its owner. <br />#5 - Goat: Goats can be very playful, very stubborn but are still are quite cute to own. If you take a goat you need other animals, goats live in herds. <br />#6 - Chicken: We always see the chicken as the farm animal, but more and more people are realizing that chickens can be great pets. <br />#7 - Ferret: Ferrets are very cute, they are nocturnal animals that love to make a lot of noise at night. It can live in a cage but some people leave the ferret wondering around the house.

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