12 KINETIC Gadgets That Will BLOW Your Mind

Published on 05 Jan 2023 / In How-to & Style

Toys aren’t just for kids. Sometimes your workplace can get boring and there’s nothing like spicing things up a bit with a few gadgets. But what sort of décor should you get? You could go for this beautiful and mesmerizing moonlight that levitates! Or, you could go for an old-fashioned Newton Cradle. However, if you want something new that you can play with mindlessly, then the bottle of Ferro-fluid will blow your mind.

Here are 12 Kinetic Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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12. Levitating Moon Lamp - https://geni.us/jx2RoZ
11. Mezmoglobe - https://geni.us/DAAEfLn
10. Newton’s Cradle - https://geni.us/8nziS
9. Magnetic Decision Maker - https://geni.us/xDR6
8. Kinetic Galaxy - https://geni.us/hZNubQf
7. The Flux - https://bit.ly/3sF71bB
6. Limbo Top - https://geni.us/nq8H7Q
5. The Swinging Sticks - https://geni.us/JTqA1R
4. 3-D Mirascope - https://geni.us/CTVCED
3. Anti-Gravity Gyroscope - https://geni.us/tr96Ien
2. Magic Drinking Bird - https://geni.us/gDt5tjE
1. Ferrofluid In A Bottle - https://geni.us/ltlL

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